Bursa T2 tram line court

Bursa T2 tramway court: The new 'T2' tram line between the City Square and the Intercity Bus Terminal was in court with the bidding process.
The project belongs to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality but Proje
KMN Construction, from Öztimurlar Group of Companies in Bursa, has filed a lawsuit against the Public Procurement Authority, which excludes it from the tender.
KMN Construction has double objections.
The work completion certificate, which provides participation to the rail system tenders, is invalidated and therefore the decisions to be taken out of the tender with the requested correction to the decision of the 'T2' tender sistem
Metropolitan Municipality, the most appropriate 2. has signed a contract with Ultra Technology.
When the judiciary was formed Y
If the construction of the project begins, the decision to stop the execution of the construction will stop the construction of the agenda.
Öztimurlar'ın, prevent the service to be called and delaying, so the administrative judicial process, 'closed stance' is said to have decided.
Ultra Technology, which is in the position of undertaking the project, has not worried about law and field organization.
There is no controversy between the company and the 2, which requires the prosecution of the Metropolitan Municipality.
Ultra Technology, while starting the project,
KMN Construction has started its own legal struggle for the validity of the document, which allows it to participate in other tenders and take over projects.

Source: Serkan Ä ° NCEOÄ LU â € “ www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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