Bursa Kent Meydanı-Terminal Tram Line Discussions

Bursa Kent Meydanı-Terminal Tram Line Discussions: One of the topics discussed and discussed in the agenda of the Metropolitan Municipality Council last month was Kent Square-Terminal-Dosab T2 Tram Line, which was started to tender for the production of railways and which started the production of rails. The opposition underlined that the passenger size on this line could not be carried by tram in slow transport order at the T1 tram. Mayor Mr. Recep Altepe, on the rails to be laid on the road Yalova, there will be no obstacles, only the tram will move, so the speed would be more, so it would be enough to carry the hour, argued.

While listening to these discussions, the T2 line is true / false, rather than the interpretation of the BursaRay System in the coming years to lock the big mistake no one cares, or even not aware of the fact that they did not even notice.

Bursa rail transport system is planned in parallel with the population projection based on the growth of the city over the years, and it has been projected, and the boundaries of Metropolitan Municipality were also taken into consideration in the years when this study was conducted. Şehreküstü Square was accepted as the city center, according to the calculated passenger size, 2 line in the west direction of the city, 2 line in the east direction and 1 line construction in the north direction is foreseen.

The tender process, which started with the late Mayor, Teoman Özalp, has been completed by me, DPT has approved the project for 1, including all the loan rates, including in the 300 million dollar limit. 2 line extending to OSB and 1 line at the end of Education Street in the east, with the 23,5 line, the construction of total 48 length lines and the purchase of the required 75 wagons. In the tender process, the contracts for the 1998 of the total loan, which will be required for the job, were also signed and the loans were in the operating position as the construction started. In the autumn of 2 was hit with the first digging with Esentepe Station and the work was actually started. Meanwhile, the wagon type was finalized and the manufacture was started. After the commencement of work, the contractor group decided to make a change in the benefit of the contractor, who had very fine accounts and darkened the future of the city transportation system. After the Şehreküstü acube bridge with the educational street line was disconnected, Ankara line was connected to the line. And the 23,5 km line within the scope of the tender was not completed.

These were the cost side of the work, the solution was, indeed, the remaining part was re-tender and was done. However, while the passenger size in the east of the city can only be delivered to the city center with the 2 line, a blind knot was thrown to the eastern section of BursaRay and the Bursa section of the future, which would be very difficult to solve.

While discussing the T2 line in the assembly, the process I explained above revived before my eyes, yes, the Yalova road tram they discussed was the 5 of the BursaRay system, otherwise it was not a tram but a light rail system, but this application had a solution in the future. The road to Yalova was left to the last stage of the main BursaRay Project due to the small size of the passengers. As I understand it, Mr. Recep Altepe is taking steps to implement this process in two stages, waiting for the passenger size to reach the level to fill the HRS or making HRS with a big investment, instead of working under the capacity for a long time, making tram and increasing the ease and ease of transportation in this line. in the future, in parallel to the size of the passenger, plans to return to HRS. Of course, this application should be very careful direction, the rails and energy transmission system to be designed and implemented in accordance with HRS.

In my opinion, such applications, technical infrastructure and objectives that will draw the future of our city should be clearly laid down in front of both the Metropolitan Municipality Council and the people, different perspectives, different views, and the city benefits always occur in their evaluation.

Source: Erdem Saker - www.ekohaber.com.t is



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