Cleaning action at Buca railway station

Cleaning action at Buca train station: Members of the Habitable Buca Subject took action to draw attention to the neglect of the historic Buca train station.

With the support of citizens living in Buca and Bucaspor supporters, the station was cleaned of garbage and its walls were painted.

Tayfur Göçmenoğlu, Honorary President of the Livable Buca Association, said in a statement that the station is the first suburban train station in İzmir and has a historical significance for the inhabitants of Buca.

Pointing out that the station has been neglected since 2006, when the flights stopped, Göçmenoğlu said, “Previously it had a tea garden. We are ready to do whatever it takes to restore this beautiful place, ”he said.

Göçmenoğlu, officials said they want to keep clean and clean.

Ali Akdeniz, one of the supporters of Bucaspor, stated that the station is very important for Buca and that it has a historical value. "Doing something for Buca is our biggest goal in life."

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