Transportation of Antalya in the Tuesday Group

Transportation of Antalya in the Tuesday Group Discussed: A meeting with the weekly meeting of TIAD Industrialists and Businessmen Group (Tuesday Group), Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Hülya Atalay talked about the transportation.

The meeting was hosted by Mr. Muharrem Koç, the President of the Tuesday Group at the Antalya Tennis and Sports Club (ATİK). Hülya Atalay, the Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, was the guest of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Atalay, Antalya in recent years about transportation related to the beats. Referring to the developments in the rail system in Antalya, Atalay, the first rail system was made during the Hasan Subaşı period said. After the Nostalji tram line, Atalay pointed out that the second stage of the rail system was built in the first period of Mayor Menderes Türel, and that this line which is Fatih was 11 kilometers.


Atalay pointed out that the third stage of the railway system started, hatt The continuation of the line which is the continuation of the tram line in Meydan was started. Work on the 18 vehicle for the 18 kilometer line is now underway For the third stage of the rail system, only idea projects are currently underway. X


Explaining that the transportation sector is a mobile sector, Atalay said, an Rant is a high demand sector. It is not only a certain part of the city that we must be satisfied, but everyone who has stepped into the street has an expectation. Therefore, we have a responsibility to every citizen living in the city. This means in the sense of public transportation, in the sense of road, in the sense of security, signal, service, everything is in the different sector of transportation Bu.


The city of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with the whole city covering the entire law of the city pointing Hülya Atalay, now the center of 5 not only the city, but the whole city said that the service. Atalay stated that it is one of the fastest municipalities of the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya, and said arasında During this configuration period, we spent a great time getting to know the problems of districts. We couldn't do more about transportation. We are currently in the implementation phase. Our next process will be more mobile. So far our process was aimed at gathering more information and information, Şimd he said.


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