Smart Card Description of Antalya Metropolitan

Antalya Metropolitan Smart Card Statement: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has made a statement about the complaints that have been raised recently with smart card applications. Reminded that the Halk Kart system, which has been the subject of major complaints of citizens and especially the shopkeepers since the day it started, was examined as soon as it came into office, as a result of the examinations, it was stated that the system was not at the desired level and some issues in the tender document were understood to be incomplete. It was stated in the written statement that the tender was canceled in 2011 by the Administrative Court due to the violation of the Tender Law and that correspondence was made for the performance of this decision and that the contractor's letter of guarantee was returned: “In this case, the State Tender numbered 2886 According to the law and the mandatory articles of the contract, it was determined that although the work had to be liquidated and required, the management of that day had not been liquidated and that the contractor company had continued its work completely unauthorized and unlawful. After 2 years have passed since this decision, it was determined that it was not legally possible to carry out the job by taking the collateral again after the decision in the upper court, without undermining the matter in terms of fundamental examination, and the liquidation of the business was started. Since no mutual agreement could be reached, arbitration was made and arbitration continues at this stage. Briefly, the business is in the process of liquidation. ”

In the statement, which has been stated that the system has received intense complaints since the day it was established and this situation has been reflected to the press from time to time, it was also reminded to the Municipality that many complaints were made. "For this reason, it was decided to establish a new system by our Municipality in order not to experience the difficulties of the citizens and the transporters dealing with these operators again and not to leave these accounts directly to these operators by tendering the business to another company as before." Antalya Transportation Inc., which is a municipal company that still operates the red buses, light rail system and sea buses of this system in the explanation called. It will be established by. With this application, the addressee of the owner of the system, the citizen and the transporters, Transportation Inc. "Most importantly, the money of the people and the transporter will be under state guarantee." His words were included.

With the decision of the Metropolitan Municipality Council dated 13.10.2014 and numbered 532, in 14 districts excluding the center, with the decision numbered 14.07.2015 dated 671; In the statement that it was reminded that 'the task of establishing a public transport pricing and vehicle tracking automation system in Muratpaşa, Kepez, Konyaaltı, Döşemealtı and Aksu districts' was given to Antalya Transportation Inc. In order for the tradesmen to not be victimized, the system continues to continue without interruption. At this stage, despite all the warnings, complaints were received such that there were major disruptions in the system, repair and maintenance of defective validators, many card filling points were closed, and the operating company was warned each time. Despite all this, when the glitches and related complaints increased; The Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) has taken a decision determining the issues related to the new system to be established with the Decision dated 27.10.2015 and numbered 2015 / 10- 606 (2/3). The letter requesting a new system to be installed urgently was sent to the company. Antalya Transportation Inc. continues its works as fast as possible in order to establish a new system. On the one hand, legal procedures are completed, on the other hand, the technical details of the new system are being studied. In these preparations, the first priority is to ensure that our citizens and our transporters are not victims in any way. A system that is both technologically advanced and at the highest level of ease of use and safety will be implemented in a very short time. ”

It was noted that the increasing complaints were not caused by the current municipal administration; due to errors in the bidding documents made in the previous period, all authorization and responsibility were left to the operator and that the money collection account was opened in his own name by this company. Due to the complaints received, the company has written many warnings and warnings were made, and the complainant and the responsible person was the direct company. In the statement, all these experiences proved that the decision taken for the liquidation of this system proved to be accurate.

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