Gender announcement in metro and buses in Ankara

Gender announcements in metro and buses in Ankara: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, bus and metros of the students who read the magnetic cards 'Mr., lady' he began to announce the sound card with the voice of the reader.

In the metro and buses of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, a gender announcement was added to magnetic card reader devices. Using the student and teacher cards, Ankara residents encountered the announcement of “Student Mr.” - “Student Female” when they read their cards. The EGO affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality argued that the practice was implemented on the grounds of “preventing improper use”. The application also gathered reactions from citizens. A surprised woman after reading her card said, "Is she a lady?" she reacted.

While the magnetic cards used in the 2 year are full, discounted and free, the Metropolitan Municipality announces the free-use Büyük free cards da on the basis of the announcement of the card holder. Sema Kendirici, President of the Turkish Women's Union, said: or Are they looking at the students as potential fraudsters, because they make tickets to each other? Let's say we don't have the money or we're so jammed, we're going to be accused of fraud because we used someone else's ticket? Do you have a car, a ticket, a card, a gender? This application is preventing cooperation, Bu he said.

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  1. The application is normal. It is a discipline and order. It is a discipline and order. No need for an epithet. As the resident cannot use the card of the old person.