The pupil of Anatolia, Ilgaz Construction

Ilgaz Construction, the pupil of Anatolia, pointed out that the values ​​of the country should be addressed. Ilgaz Construction Chairman Selahattin Düzbasan said, ebe This country is all of us. The values ​​of this country must be taken care of by all of us. If everyone does their best, the country will be brighter Herkes.

Selahattin Düzbasan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ilgaz İnşaat, which dates back to 1974-75, described the company as a rising value from the bosom of Anatolia, and said that its aims were to show the power of Anatolia to the world.

Selahattin Düzbasan said that the company was founded in 1994, ında 21. We celebrated our year. We have domestic and international contracting business. In particular, we specialize in the construction of bridges and viaducts. We have the longest viaduct of Turkey. Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia and Albania have made commitments here. We have employees around Bin 500. We have foreign partnerships. We have a partnership with the French. We're with a German company. We have a partnership with them for about 10 years. Bunlar

As Radivan Ilgaz stated that they have partnerships with Radivan Company. Tren We produce railway sleepers and line and shear crossbeams for railways and high-speed train projects. We have both the high-speed train in the sleeper of Istanbul and Turkey marmaray this project we offer. We make viaducts of the new bridge of the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. We are making a large viaduct here with the push-drive method we call intereltar raftıng. 6 is making a great viaduct. 80-100 meters high from Turkey's highest viaduct. In addition, the market leaving the temple bound to the border with the border gate of the city of both the Meriç River viaducts Ilgaz as it is done on the route, den he said.


Turkey's Düzbas saying that plants at different points, "in Mersin-Yenice / Karabük-Eskipazar / Polatlı- Organized Industrial bölgesinde- in the center of Edirne / Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge in both mackerel village and Gokturk have established 2 particle beam facility. We're making pirafabric elements. concrete pirefabrik elements bridge beams industrial structures concrete, almost all of the productions you can think about. 1.5 million cubic meters annually around the concrete, üp he said.

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