Akçaray Project Tracks from Poland

The Rails of Akçaray Project Departed from Poland: In the Akçaray Project, which took place last month, the rails were shipped from Poland to Kocaeli. By sea to the port of Derince from there and the road to the construction site with the road to 1.200 ton ray set out.

19 continues to work on the construction of the tramway project in October, with the intense participation in the storage area. The construction of the necessary facilities during the project was completed at the warehouse site of the tram project, which has a tender price of 113.990.000,00 TL. Earthworks are about to begin. In the project which will be carried out part of the line part of the line, pre-construction works and action plans for construction are completed and consultation meetings are held with infrastructure implementation projects and infrastructure institutions.

The route of the construction of the 876 is about one thousand 1 meters between Yahya Kaptan Bridge Interchange and Bus Station in November. infrastructure excavation work will begin. The infrastructure and superstructures will be renovated along with the tram in the whole route where the tram will pass. In the stages of the infrastructure works, after the infrastructure, associated rail laying, superstructure and electromechanical production will be started.

Technical teams visited the Ray factory in Poland and examined the rail production site and the necessary tests were performed and the rails were shipped from Poland to Kocaeli. By Sea to the port of Derince from there to the highway to the construction site with the 1200 tons of rail to the road. After the rails are reached to the construction site, the teams will be prepared for the preliminary preparations, then the excavation, concrete and iron production will be completed in the completed parts. All technical and administrative teams continue to work intensively to be completed and put into service.

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