Trees do not cut the vehicle is not using the cable car

Not to cut the trees are using the car but not the cable car: Rize Çamlıhemşin'de sitting tourism tourist Metin Akıncı, to prevent damage to the trees 2 kilometers of the cable car commutes its way.

Metin Akıncı, who is an 2 kilometer traveler to go to his home in Rize, did not apply for a car as he would cut down the trees. In order not to harm the nature, Akıncı built a 500 cable car between the two hills.

After his return from his hometown 3 years ago, Metin Akıncı started to live in his wooded house in Soğuksu Neighborhood. Approximately 1000 meters to the house at an altitude 2 miles up and down the steep path Akıncı, trees cut and worried about the deterioration of nature did not apply for the vehicle. Inspired by the primitive ropeways used to carry cargo in the area, Akıncı, with the help of a friend, set up a ropeway system at the height of 500 meters and 400 meters between the slopes of two mountains. The electrically operated cable car with 2 personality roller cab, fitted with a steel wire, can also be used with the remote control. Akıncı, approximately 2 minutes to travel to the house with a passing journey to the house or road can reach.

Self-guarding neighborhood

Metin Akıncı carefully protects the nature of his neighborhood and hanged the sign of uyan Self Protecting Neighborhood, on the road side of the cable car. As the altitude is shown as 1000 meters, the population of the neighborhood is called '1' since it is not living in winter other than itself. Metin Akıncı, who lives in a wooden house with nature, comes with her husband and 2 children during the summer months. Akıncı hosts guests with a cable car and plans to run a hostel in the region without disturbing the natural structure since next summer.

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