Adana Transportation System 15 Goes Backward for Years

Adana Transportation System 15 Going Backwards for Years: Transportation Planner Erhan Oncu said that the Adana transportation system has gone too far in the last 15 year.

Transportation Planner Erhan Öncü stated that the transportation system of Adana has gone too far in the last 15 year. Stating that the city is growing, height and intensity increased, Öncü said that no improvement was achieved in transportation.

Oncu, who participated in the panel on 'Adana Transportation' organized by the Adana Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO) Adana Branch at the Yaşar Kemal Cultural Center of Seyhan Municipality, noted that sustainable transportation plans and approaches could not be implemented in the city.

Emphasizing that the transportation master plans should be renewed every 5 years according to the Ministry's Specification, the Transportation Planner claimed that nothing has been done here even though 25 years have passed. Stating that they want to give priority to pedestrians, bicycles and public transport, Oncu said that the regulations expected for disabled people, children without physical strength, children and the elderly have been reversed.

Erhan Oncu, who advocates that transportation has developed in a way that all these groups will pass to the bottom, continued as follows: “Therefore, an urgent regulation, change and control activity should be included. Emergency action plan should be prepared and implemented. The Transportation Master Plan (UAP) has no priority. In any case, it will not be applied in these conditions. All this should be done with participatory planning. However, the risks in participatory planning should not be ignored. ”

Underlining that the light rail system in Adana is very inert and inefficient, the Transportation Planner announced that 18 thousand people were transported with this rail system with a capacity of 20-3 thousand. Turkey is another city in the similar manner kilometers using the capacity of the buses subway made a hundred million dollars transfer pioneer, said: "Therefore, subway or light rail systems must be done very well considered. Can we find so many passengers? As a result of the rapid increase of rail systems across the country in such an account, the State Planning Organization has put some restrictions. 'At least 15 thousand passengers in the year it was opened to make metro; "There should be 10 thousand passengers demand for the light rail." spoke in the form.

Yıldız Technical University Faculty of Construction, Department of Transportation, Assoc. Dr. In his presentation on the panel, İsmail Şahin emphasized the components of sustainable transportation solutions. Emphasizing that the solutions found to meet the transportation needs of today should not be confronted with future generations in the form of new problems, Şahin pointed out that this model was put forward to define transportation problems and develop solutions. Stating that transportation solutions in sustainable development are based on three sheet legs such as economic development, social justice and environmental protection, Şahin said that if at least one of these features is inadequate or incomplete in the developed project options, the project will be insufficient to meet the stump and requirements. Yıldız Technical University Head of the Department of Transportation, who reminded that measures were taken to prevent city travel by car, which realizes well-planned public transportation types that prioritize bicycles and pedestrians, said that the approaches that avoided building a car park here are counted as sustainable transportation solutions.

On the other hand, İMO Adana Branch President Nazım Biçer explained that the cities were transformed into a soulless, ugly and ugly cluster of ugly buildings with a corporate urbanization models in the country. Biçer continued as follows: “Cities are seen as a commodity to be marketed, and the people of the city, who are the subjects of social life, as an object. Country interest, social future, solidarity and ethical values ​​have been abandoned. With the legal and administrative changes, the propaganda ongoing, and the power of being in power, this understanding has penetrated into the cells of our cities. Unfortunately, in Adana, one of these cities, a healthy, safe and livable city could not be created as a result of unplanned and unsupervised, wrong land use policies, illegal construction and amnesty processes. Adana has many problems ranging from transportation, unplanned construction, infrastructure problems, environmental and waste problems, food safety, use of energy, destruction of our urban identity, poverty, unemployment, occupational accidents, not giving importance to art and culture.

Civil Engineer, City Master Planner The panel, where İsmail Hakkı Acar made a presentation, was followed by Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Ramazan Akyürek, CHP Deputy Zülfikar İnönü Tümer, Seyhan Mayor Zeydan Karalar and many NGO representatives and students.



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