Adana Metro does not end debts

Adana Metro's debts do not end: The Adana Metro's debt continues to hump on the back of the city, despite its construction cost exceeding one billion dollars.

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aytaç Durak's foreign debt has been built with the debt of the Adana Metro does not end. 11 2010 in the year of the construction phase of the passengers began to carry passengers in the metro, which still has a debt of over $ 500 million in the debt of the Metropolitan Municipality due to the large part of the budget is said to be deducted.

Interesting explanation from the AK Party about the metro

AK Party Adana Provincial Head Fikret Yeni told the press; While Adana Metro's statement that they did not trust Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü to be transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was confusing, the metro that put Adana into a debt impasse came to the fore again.

Answering the questions of journalists, Yeni said, "Why do not you hand over the Metro to the ministry in Ankara, as in Istanbul?" It misuses resources. Coins are wasted. They asked for borrowing authority, we did not prevent it, but the money was not used for service. ' used the expressions.

AK Party Adana Provincial Chairman Yeni pointed out that the municipality will have a great financial prosperity with the transfer of the Adana Metro to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, but that they are not hopeful that this wasted income will be reflected by Mayor Sözlü as a service to Adana.

Un Big mistakes were made on the project and route of Adana Metro “

Adana Chamber of Civil Engineers President Nazım Biçer, who has made evaluations about the mistakes and unending debts of Adana Metro, said yapılan Big errors were made in the project and route of Adana Metro. There is no airport, bus station, university or hospital in our route. When this is the case, the passenger capacity remains very low. Because the subway has been damaged, the debt burden is reflected on the island. Up to 40 of Adana Metropolitan Municipality's budget is going to pay the interest on the metro. The main debt is over 500 million TL. Ana

”Metro is a big hump that Adana cannot handle“

Biçer stated that the metro enterprises were transferred to the Ministry of Transport in the other big cities. Da At the moment the metro is in the middle as a big hump that Adana cannot lift. While this is the case, I think the statements of Fikret Yeni, the AK Party Provincial Chairman, are political. Due to the metro debt built on the chain of errors, there is no serious investment in the city. The suffering of this is not to receive service in the Adanah. Ilar

”The people need service“

Biçer pointed out that the current metro debt can last for many years and said that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has a statement on the transfer of the Adana Metro to the Ministry of Transportation during his term as Prime Minister and that they are waiting for the AK Party to do so.

Adana Chamber of Civil Engineers Nazim Harvesters, "Our Adana, Turkey's largest city xnumx'ünc while currently far behind in industry and agriculture. Our city has been referred to the crime and court cases instead of media. He needs service. A, B party is not important here, the important thing is Adana, the service is important. We hope that political settlements will no longer be set aside and the service will be produced. Artık

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