Future sectors Navigation and rail systems

Sectors of the future Navigation and rail systems: The first day of the VISIONER'15 Sectors Summit, which MÜSİAD launched for the first time this year, marked new markets and sectors of the future. Changing living conditions and technological innovation, depending on the changing needs and behavioral tendencies with the air transport together with sub-branches in new markets in the years ahead 50 iron and steel, while many market foreground up the energy and automation systems from participation banking; new sectors such as flat steel production, common car use system, navigation, rail systems, green energy production and child care and nursing were among the new sectors.

The Visionary'15 Sectors Summit, where new sectors, technology in the future, future human assets and branding in the future will be discussed, was among the most important events of the day with its extraordinary evaluations that shed light on the future economy.

New Markets in the Future

In the first session of the summit, the session on the Future Markets, which was discussed in the first session, was presented by the CEO of TAV Airports Holding. M. Sani Şener, THY General Manager Assoc. Dr. Temel Kotil, CarrefourSA General Manager Mehmet Tevfik Nane and Renault Mais General Manager Ibrahim Aybar.

Airlines is one of the most valuable business sites with its sub-branches

Economics, Management and Finance Consultant Wisdom spoke at the first session Baydar managed by THY General Manager Temel Kotil, removing Turkey travel map, drew attention to the growing air transport. Turkey's evolving geopolitical position who would be one of the most important stops of the future air traffic Kotil, "half the number of passengers in Turkey America. The development of the center of gravity of traffic shifted from America to this region. Currently the number of people traveling in Turkey 400 million. The number of passengers is half of America. Istanbul is the most tourist area of ​​5. City. He's past New York. The contribution of aviation to the economy is now around 6. Considering that this will be the port in the future and 3. With the construction of the airport, we can see what a fertile market it is. Airlines will create an important market and business line with many sub-branches. Istanbul is the center of the world. With the new airport, 2030 will use 260 million. In the future, Istanbul will become the regional economic base. By building infrastructure investments and managing ourselves and our team very well, we can turn the potential into a permanent economic value. Alty

Turkish people can be easily integrated into other cultures

TAV Airports Holding CEO If M. Sani Sener, Turkey's education system by emphasizing the need for research evaluation of young people said he should always be seated. Şener said, yapıy We are transferring technology and capital in the process of globalization, but we cannot transfer culture. At this point, Turkey holds a significant advantage. With our young people studying abroad, friendships we have established with distant countries and religious affiliations, we have a structure that can extend to all over the world. We're close to every culture. So we have the ability to integrate into other cultures. There is no business that can manage the Turkish people well and cannot give the right hakk.

Car sharing is the new market of the future

Renault Mais General Manager Ibrahim Aybar drew attention to changing behaviors and changing production. Aybar pointed out that the unbelievable elements in the Return to the Future movie today are ordinary today. Intelligent productions, artificial intelligence has entered the automotive sector. Electric vehicles are now in the testing phase of driverless vehicles. On the other hand, human behavior is changing. The new generation wants to use the car but not when it is needed. Demands are changing. When we look at these, it is among the most important approaches of the future to prevent accidents, to make human life easier and to develop more environmentally friendly approaches. For this reason, we can easily count the infrastructure requirements for vehicle sharing systems, new energy sources and electric vehicles, which are carried out with card system, among the markets of the future. Bu

CarrefourSA General Manager Mehmet Tevfik Nane, who touched on the importance of Mega trends in shaping the future, considered globalization, women's participation in business life, change of energy resources and the importance of environmental factors as the most important trends to be taken into consideration in the future vision. Assessing the changing behavior of future generations as well as trends, Nane said: ğ In the employment assessments, the difference of the new generation should be taken into consideration. They only work for a better life to work for. The feelings of justice, the importance of the ideas, the combination of work and entertainment and the need for action will change the way the future works. Adalet

New Sectors in the Future

The second session of the summit that the future of the New Sectors guest ratings Twitter Vice President of Global Public Policy Colin Crowell, Chairman of the Board Fuad Tosyalı holding Tosyalı, Istanbul Commerce University Lecturer Prof. Dr. Murat Ali Yülek and Ziraat Participation Bank General Manager Osman Arslan.

Sector selection is not difficult

Istanbul Commerce University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ali Öztürk said: Dr. Murat Ali Yülek, üretim In the 1950 years, the Japanese focused on a production where income elasticity is high, that is, the demand for people with high income, and it has the consequences. Factors such as prevalence and overflow impact can be taken into consideration in determining the sector as well as the sector selection made according to income elasticity. Gelir Yülek commented on the profitable sectors of the future: için World population, health need, awareness and income level are increasing. Therefore health equipment is a valuable investment channel. Secondly rail systems. This system will spread across the whole of Turkey. Rail system equipment is therefore promising. In addition to this, energy production, green equipment with more environmentalist approach, environmental equipment, waste facilities and personal care products of which Korea is very good are among the most valuable investment channels of the future. Bun

We can do what we haven't done in the past.

That established the need for the construction of Turkey's iron and steel industry, and then he started to flat steel investments, but it can not follow the world trends of these investments that a reverse structure compared to developed countries until the Tosyalı Holding Chairman Fuat Tosyalı, "following the innovations and trends from now is very different iron steel investments that can be used in sectors are possible. One of these is genetic chips that are expected to be valid in the health field. Thanks to our partners all over the world, we have the opportunity to know about such special and qualified areas. Nickel plates of electric cars are also produced by another business partner. Again, we are planning to switch to the production of film-coated steels that the packaging industry needs. metal packaging sector in Turkey has not yet development. There are amazing opportunities in this area. We start production of raw materials. We will be a pioneer in order to be transformed into a product (pastry, olive oil, sun-proof metal packaging). On the other hand Turkey is trying to produce its own cars. There are strong enough to carry out such production in Turkey. We could not act in the past, but now we can act quickly Geçmişte. .

Projects beneficial to humanity will be supported by ethical banking

Ziraat Participation Bank General Manager Osman Arslan pointed out that the source of financing is the primary need for project development, and he advised those who would like to make a business investment: However, it is very important that this financing proceeds on the basis of which philosophy. Instead of financial-based economic understanding, production-oriented, innovative and real sector-based understanding is required. This is also the core of participation banking. Therefore, participation banking is currently a rising trend. Besides, participation banking focuses on projects within the framework of its ethical values. Well-defined projects with strong business plans stand out. From now on and in the near future our educational projects will be our interests. Investment in educational institutions will increase. Public private sector collaborative projects such as health equipment, city hospitals are one of the areas we want to be our partner. Agriculture will also be important in the future. Green and eco-friendly energy investments such as child and baby care and preschool education and nursing, especially solar energy, are attractive areas for participation banking and financing. Bebek

Twitter is not only a social media platform, but also a ver bank

Another guest of the summit, Colin Crowell, Vice President of Twitter Global Public Policies, gave examples from the Twitter world in his speech that new generation environments could be a very important resource for business developers, investors and marketers. Noting that Twitter is a platform for opportunities, Crowell said, “Mobility is the most evaluated and the subject that needs to be evaluated. Mobile advertising is growing rapidly. The fastest way to reach consumers. % 88's users are exposed to mobile advertising. People check their phone 110 times a day. These are very important data. On the other hand, we currently have 320 million users as Twitter. The 77 of this figure is out of America. Every day, millions of tweets are taken on various topics and comments are made instantly. This means that you can easily learn people's tendencies, thoughts, expectations, where they are, how they are, and more, and you can make a map and perform various analyzes. Twitter has an infrastructure and integration mechanism that easily provides these opportunities. For example, an Ebola epidemic that was able to reach huge dimensions was prevented by Twitter. The Health Organization has mapped out the epidemic with the information it receives from Twitter and has identified the location of the disease. It was then used in other studies. He said, Ölüm He was in control of a fatal crisis in time and quickly. Altına

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