The number of domestic trams in Istanbul increased to 18

The number of domestic trams in Istanbul increased to 18: The number of domestic trams of Istanbul, the first of which was on the rails last year, increased to 18.

The number of domestic trams of Istanbul, which was on the tracks in 2014, increased to 18. Domestic trams designed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to both reduce dependence on abroad and reduce costs continue to serve Istanbul residents.

President Erdoğan laid the foundation for the project

The start of the local tram project goes back 20 years. The tram handles, which were brought to $ 250 for those years, are manufactured in Istanbul for $ 1 on the orders of the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor of the time, President Erdoğan. The project, which started with the production of spare parts, has become completely domestic today in terms of design and software. Moreover, the domestic tram costs half the price compared to imported trams. While an equivalent vehicle was 3.2 million Euros, the Istanbul Tram was produced for 1.57 million Euros.

These vehicles, which can be used as both light metro and tram, were designed in accordance with the conditions of Istanbul. The model of the local tram carrying symbols from Turkish-Islamic culture was determined by the votes of Istanbul residents last year.

The tulip figure embedded in the front of the vehicle and the traditional motifs of gold color, the attention that is striking at the first glance in the local tram. In the interior design, tulip-patterned seats, mihrab-like handle bars, wide doors inspired by the entrance of the palace, swords and glass that combines the starboard bar are preferred.

The local tram project was carried out by a team of 45 people. 25 of them are experts in engineering and industrial design. Hüsnü Levent Pandül from Istanbul Transportation Inc. says that they work diligently in the process of construction, programming and testing of the tram. Pandül states that the local tram project encouraged the industrialists to produce rail system technology.

The local tram project has taken a pioneering role in educating future engineers. IMM Istanbul Transportation, which provides internship and practical learning to university students, plans to become a school in transportation technologies.

Istanbul residents who travel on the Topkapı-Habipler tram line, where 18 local trams operate, are satisfied. The passenger Perihan Doğuş, who likens the success of Turkish engineers to 'Revolutionary Cars', says that the local tram is more comfortable compared to the old ones. The passenger named Mehmet Velioğlu says that he now travels safer and more comfortable with his children.

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