From Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality After Defective Parking Accident

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality After the Defective Parking Accident: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, two September Street, allegedly occurred as a result of a faulty park building after a traffic accident was made explanation.

According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, in Eskişehir, tram routes and random parkings on the main streets negatively affect the traffic flow in the city as well as causing accidents. A new accident occurred in Eskişehir due to uninhibited parkings, said the traffic density in Eskişehir was caused by the vehicles parked on the street and tram routes arbitrarily. The statement said, ler Places that are prohibited to park in many streets in Eskişehir are under the occupation of the vehicles parked by drivers who unfortunately do not know the rule. Therefore, the traffic from time to time comes to a halt. Even more surprisingly, vehicles parked on tram routes lead to accidents. In addition, bicycle and motorcycle users roam freely on tram routes. It is forgotten that the most important rule of living in the city and being civilized is respecting the rights of others. Despite the ban, every driver in the park puts another driver in danger of life and property. The only way for such accidents to be minimized and the urban traffic to become more streamlined will be possible if our citizens comply with the rules and the traffic teams increase their control even more ıcı.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 17:23

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  1. If the name Eskişehir is published in this article, it is a typical event that we live all day and day. This is a training, cultural level, the phenomenon of society (respect for people and someone else's right özür respect) and a mirror of the mirror that we are far away from. Here, a chain of measures away from song is inevitable. Vehicle tractors + police station + municipal traffic team + traffic police and no one, but no one (big city wa. Head, civil authority, especially the official license plate vehicles in; in fact, this is the biggest shame, because they should be exemplary and legally There is also no privileges) to open the eye is inevitable. If the police parked in the wrong way, you can write a penalty to the traffic police vehicle and make a perfect start. There must also be a conflict of authority and authority. What's that? If you complain: the incoming city traffic officer waits for the handle of the hand, because the traffic police come to the police, to write a penalty, and then must say pull. Then the attractor of one of the relevant units orb If you are aware, it is like pulling a bingo bag from a turmoil. And then - val you don't have enough charm, you'll hear a big bullshit like the 25 piece all the other neighborhoods… ler. In fact, the main road of the 112 rescue and emergency station in your area comes to you at the place where there are false and intentional parking vehicles at both junctions on the street. If you are insistent in your complaint and stubbornly 1,5-2 calls or even stubbornly say what the law is contrary to what the law, both officials, from the neighborhood, the neighborhood is seen as a madman, you will see the behavior. Not all of them are so cowardly and civil courage that they are not openly spoken. However, you can do what you need to be in stubbornness with threats like giving to court.

  2. II: What is conveyed is actually just a tiny section of what we have experienced, a few simple examples. It is necessary to ask the relevant public institutions: “when did you always have serial flyer, label etc. campaigns on this issue. Before sticking the "Follow the traffic rules ..." to the traffic police vehicle, etc., the public should educate their own officials, teach them to act as an example, rules and theories. The citizen needs to be brainwashed, conditioned. Still not wearing a safety belt, youth… etc. In a community that sees, as long as there are public officials, official-official and official civilian brothers who are still skilled in covering up each other's mistakes, and they are accepted by the community, the solution of this matter is extraordinarily difficult in this culture environment.

  3. III: The Masters, if you are aware, the fish smells from the beginning. No tram culture habit, you bring the Tram, you and his environment and the correct use of the system, as well as what the system does not show in advance, does not educate the citizens, the positive direction, you can not solve these problems. For example; In this real environment, those who descend from the vehicle during the stroke, will give a struggle to ride against the crowd. Here, the city does not make any difference to this behavior. Under these circumstances, the boarding time is extended, the vehicle circulation speed is considerably reduced, and the inevitable delays are pre-programmed. The opposite example: The Japanese Shinkansen can be seen in the YHT system and in China that has just joined the caravan. You can learn how to do that. There is no need to rediscover the wheel.