8 Months of Skiing with Intensive Early Snowing System in Palandöken

Early Karl Density in Palandöken Ski System 8 months that can be made: Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, "We aim to be one of the world's annual 240 days of Palandöken ski resort can be shifted," he said.

At the Erzurum Palandöken Ski Center, the test of the Intensive Early Snow System (YEKS) produced by two companies has been started to be performed simultaneously. For a week, a decision will be made on one of the systems whose performances will be measured at 1 degree below zero.

Federation President Erol Benefits, at the track where the test is carried out in a statement to reporters, as the federation said again threw another breakthrough, the use of the world ski industry yeks'y for the first time said they tested simultaneously in Palandöken in Turkey.

The system of coordination with Turkey Ski Federation Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality stated that the Ministry of Youth and Sport held in cooperation with Benefits, said:

"Which is used in only a few developed ski resort in the world, Density regarding Early Karl System, for the early season opening and development of the sporting success in the United States, Early Karl systems, the Vail After Ski We want to implement in Turkey. We conveyed this technique to two giant companies of the sector in the world. At the end of our meetings, we convinced these two giants to perform performance tests on their latest technology machines in Palandöken simultaneously. We will recommend the system with the best result by our federation. We want to make snow on the one and a half kilometer track in Palandoken at the end of October and offer it to the service of skiers. In this way, four or a maximum of five months of training for both our national team and clubs and international teams will be extended up to 30 months, between October 30 and May 8. We aim to make Palandöken a world ski center that can be skied for 240 days a year. We believe that our sportive success will increase by increasing the number of training days. "

- We will run our athletes after November 1

Benefit, arguing that the air temperature should be 1 degree below zero to operate YEKS, adding that they aim to make a serious investment by applying the world's most advanced technologies in ski resorts.

Stressing that the cooling of the air is sufficient thanks to the new system, Yarar said, “We do not mean whether it is snowing anymore, we will ask if the weather has become cold. Skiing will begin in Erzurum. "If we install this high-tech machines in Erzurum, our athletes will work after 1 November".

- We will promote winter tourism in Turkey

Benefits also expressed the wish to develop winter tourism in Turkey, "Turkey is known only as the summer tourism. There are not many tourists coming for skiing. Turkey is not recognized by the ski tourism. We want to do our work in winter tourism center of Turkey with ski centers, "he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:31

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