5 Lost in a Train Crash in France

5 Lost in a Train Accident in France Person Wanted on a Wagon Passed Channel: In France, the 10 (TGV) was killed and the 5 people were killed during the test drive.

The train that was derailed near the village of Eckwersheim within a kilometer of 20 to Strasbourg, was reported to have driven 350 miles per hour during the accident.

On the train that ran the test, there were 49 people consisting of technicians and their families. The accident occurred on the bridge just above the Marne-au-Rhin canal. Eyewitnesses said they heard a big noise, and that part of the train that was derailed had caught fire. The other two 4 wagons of the train falling into the canal fell into the field and fell apart. 10 the person died in the last statement about the accident, 12 person is injured, including the injured 37 people said. The 5 is lost by two divers because the train's two wagons hit the channel.


Environment Minister Ségolène Royal, who conducted an investigation in the accident area, commented, gibi A truly terrible accident, a day of doom, noting that I am in solidarity with all railroad workers. The TGV is a test drive, among those killed and injured among the railroad workers, their families and their children. Hard conditions continue to be searched for your losses.

Environment Minister Royal confirmed the testimony of Dominique-Nocolas from the Alsace governor and said that the test-drive train went at very high speed.

The discontinued search work was restarted this morning.

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