3. Investigating officers due to young people coming to the bridge

  1. Investigation against the officers for the young people on the bridge: The General Directorate of Highways has announced that criminal proceedings will be imposed on those who have gone missing on the 3rd Bridge.

It was determined that the persons in the news of the General Directorate of Highways of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, were released from the construction site on the day of November 1, 2015 election day, after the selfie took place in the news, after the selfie took place in the news. Noting that the necessary criminal proceedings will be applied to those who have neglected the incident.

In the statement made as a result of the investigations made on TV channels on Sunday, November 22, 2015 and on some websites on Monday, November 23, General Directorate of Highways, "Pavel Smirnov and Özcan İpar; It is believed that the unauthorized entry incident mentioned in the night hours of 2015 October 31 took place. During the period when the people were suspended due to the general elections, it was determined that the workers and tower crane operators were out of the job site, after seeing the selfie, which was mentioned in the news, after the selfie took place on the news day after the day's bleaching.


In total across the bridge; 2 security managers, 4 shift supervisors and 73 security personnel work day and night. Also; There are security cameras at certain points in the construction site, and these are still under review. In addition, necessary studies have been initiated to increase security measures. As the contractor is under the responsibility of the construction of the security works across the bridge, the company is obliged to take or take any security measures. Currently, security works are carried out by a private security firm, and investigations and investigations are continuing. The necessary criminal proceedings will be applied for those who have been neglected in the incident ”.

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