3. Towards the end of the bridge project (Video)

  1. Towards the end of the bridge project: Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is expected to be completed next year.
  2. Approaching the end on the bridge… Works continue 24 hours on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is expected to be completed next year. The new bridge was viewed from the sea and from the air.

Reinforced concrete manufacturing at the height of 304,5 meters above sea level on both sides of the towers has been completed and temporary scaffolding works continue.

While the construction of the pedestrian roads (walkway) on the outer sides of the reinforced concrete deck continued, 19 units on the European side and 19 units on the Asian side, along with 38 units and 2 pieces of transition section, together with the 40 pieces of steel table were placed.

The production of the remaining 19 steel deck segments continues at the facilities in Tuzla and Altınova. While the construction of 408 meters of the 969 meters long main span, which will connect the two sides, has been completed, 439 meters remain.

While the concrete production in the anchor block is completed, the assembly of the main cable continues. The production and assembly of tower saddles and distribution saddles was completed. The catwalk construction and the production of the cable bracelets were completed and transferred to the construction site.

The installation of suspension ropes will be started soon. The assembly works of the tower top connection beam panels continue with the works of the formans such as Ferhat Demirbilek and Serkan Ödemiş.

Ferhat Demirbilek, Osmaniyeli Steel Construction Assembly Foreman, takes part in the construction of the mega project in a steel basket with a height of 300 meters. Demirbilek, who scraped the giant steel constructions placed at the top of the concrete tower on the European side with sandpaper for easier welding, said: “I build a steel construction that connects the two towers 300 meters above the tower and I came here for this. "I came because I love exciting work, I came from Osmaniye."


Relations between Turkish and South Korean staff working at the bridge construction site have turned into friendship. Formen Serkan Ödemiş, who also worked as an interpreter between Turkish and South Korean personnel at the construction site, said, “We are trying to ensure the communication between Turkish workers and Korean workers. Turks can ask Koreans, 'Where are you from Korea? Koreans say, 'Will you know if I tell you?' can enter mode. In such cases, we help as we know Korea. "Because we lived in Korea for nine years," he said.

Teddy Hwang, the construction site engineer of the contractor firm Hyundai, said that 3 Turkish and 200 South Korean employees are working on the main construction site of the 400rd Bridge. Recalling the history of friendship from the Turkish and South Korean Hwang, "I want to live in Turkey, unlimited, I can marry a Turkish girl to marry if necessary," he said.


Emphasizing that the wind does not affect his work as much as before, Hwang said, “When the wind is working up there can be a problem. The wind had forced us on the tower feet. We built it with tents and tarpaulins, but now the wind does not affect us as much as before. We are building the best bridge in the world, we are building the widest suspension bridge ”.



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