3. Bridge connects Koreans to Istanbul

  1. The bridge connected Koreans to Istanbul: 3. South Korean personnel working on the bridge construction plan to stay permanently or even get married in Istanbul.

On the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is expected to be completed next year and will ease the traffic of Istanbul, reinforced concrete productions have been completed at an altitude of 304.5 meters above sea level in the towers on both sides. In the 3rd Bridge, where the construction of the pedestrian roads on the outer edges of the reinforced concrete deck continues with the dismantling works of the temporary piers, 38 standard steel deck segments and 2 transition segments, together with a total of 40 steel deck segments were placed. The manufacturing and installation of the tower saddles and distribution saddles was completed. Catwalk construction and cable collars were completed and transported to the construction site.

3 Turkish and 200 South Korean personnel are working on the main construction site of the 400rd Bridge. Osmaniyeli Steel Construction Assembly Former Ferhat Demirbilek "We're building the future of Turkey. this is a critical way for Turkey. "I am building the steel construction that connects the two towers 300 meters above the tower, and that's why I came here." Relations between Turkish and South Korean staff working at the bridge construction site have turned into friendship. Formen Serkan Ödemiş, who also worked as an interpreter between Turkish and South Korean personnel at the construction site, said, "We are trying to establish communication between Turkish workers and Korean workers." The contractor is Hyundai's Resident Engineer Teddy Hwang in Turkish "I want to die to get married in Turkey," he says and adds: "We build the best bridge in the world, we are the largest suspension bridges."


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