20 125 Thousand People Go To Bagbasi Plateau At The Ski Lift In Denizli

20 in Denizli 125 Thousands of people went to Bağbaşı Plateau on a day-by-day basis: Following the completion of the cable car and plateau project that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality had long dreamed of, the city flocked to tens of thousands of citizens.

After the construction of the cable car and plateau, which the Metropolitan Municipality of Denizli has dreamed of for a long time, tens of thousands of citizens flocked to the facilities.

With the purpose of enriching the social life of the people of Denizli and providing time for them to spend their time in nature with nature, the cable car and plateau project hosted tens of thousands of citizens. The project, which will take Denizli one step further in tourism, was launched in October. In Turkey, with the Aegean's longest cable car project from the first day of unparalleled concept he has attracted the attention of people of Denizli. With a free-of-charge cable car for one month, 17 2,5 has reached the Bagbasi Plateau in about 123 a week to enjoy the unique scenery and nature. 500'den 7 every day thousands of thousands of people flocked with the cable car with thousands of 70 meter altitude citizens are going here for the service allocated to the Bağbaşı Plateau. Those who spend their time in the highlands of nature are also able to benefit from the natural beauties here, as well as the restaurant, Yörük tent and other facilities offered by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, who visited the cable car and Bağbaşı Plateau from time to time and listened to the wishes and suggestions of citizens and shared their happiness, said that the complex project that will make Denizli a brand in the highland tourism is home to 2,5 thousand 123 people in 500 week. Stating that they have put up the ropeway project to bring Denizli together with its high-rise plateaus, President Zolan said, ı Thank God we had the happiness of realizing a first in our sea. Denizli President Zolan stated that the project has aroused great interest in a short period of time and 120 is seen by over a thousand citizens. UM Every day thousands of our guests are hosted here. In other words, we have made a correct project in our city. D

President Zolan continued his words as follows: bugün The reactions we have received about our cable car and plateau project so far are very positive. There were guests from outside the city and from abroad. They admired our project. Like that can compete with the world, while Turkey is unmatched cable car project and get better and auspicious springs back to our city. God willing, he will be able to use goodbye without accident. Lar Stating that the citizens have such intense interest in the project as they did on the first day, President Zolan said that the queues were extended especially at the end of the week, gü Sometimes there are citizens waiting for a few hours in a row. Seeing how accurate it is to realize this project increases our motivation. Bu

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