Arab tourists enjoy the cable car in Bursa

The pleasure of the cable car of Arab tourists in Bursa: The cable car, which has served with red and white cabins for 50 years between Bursa and Uludağ, has become one of the symbols of the city and has been renewed last year and continues to operate, attracting the most attention from Arab tourists.

İlker Cumbul, General Manager of Bursa Teleferik AŞ affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, reminded in his statement that the Teferrüç-Sarıalan line of the cable car with modern facilities was put into service on June 7 last year. Stating that the second stage of the Sarıalan-Hotels Region line was put into operation on 30 December, Cumbul said, “In the new period, we carried 890 thousand passengers in the first year. “Approximately 55 percent of these passengers were foreigners”.

Cumbul, in December-March period of the domestic, the other 8 in the month of foreign tourists, said they mainly serve.

Nearly all foreign tourists, Arabs, the vast majority of the Gulf countries, including information Cumbul, said:

“We have 70 percent domestic passengers in December, 60-65 percent in January, February and March, that is, 65 percent in winter. In the other 8 months, we again served approximately 65 percent of our foreign guests. Our busiest foreign passenger was in August. Foreigners are predominant in transition months such as October, November, April and May, because there are daily tours with regular tours. The second stop of Arab tourists coming to Bursa from the Gulf countries is the cable car after Ulu Mosque. "

Cumbul, the last winter season, some of the terminals due to inability to overcome the problems stated that they are about to overcome.

Expressing that the passengers had some difficulty during the waiting period at that time, Cumbul said, “All the social facilities where people can meet their needs such as cafes and waiting areas where people can spend time easily while waiting for the cable car or while their children are playing outside, in both Sarıalan and the Hotels Region, will catch up with this winter season. used.

Can ski down the ski lift
İlker Cumbul stated that efforts are underway for direct access to the runways in the Hotels Region by cable car.
Expressing that the legal process regarding the zoning plan of Uludağ for the new line is expected to be completed, Cumbul said:

“We want to realize a stage where people can get on the cable car with their skis and climb up to Uludağ and return to the city center after skiing on the tracks. There are preliminary permits for it, but we cannot start construction because the zoning plan has not been approved yet. Our cable car to Uludağ is 9 kilometers long. At this stage, we will be able to build the line in about two months, as the distances will be around 1-2 kilometers. They do not have any construction, only poles and ropes will be used. We are experienced as our team has built nearly 5 facilities in the last 40 years. We will probably start construction in March next year and our facility will be ready for the next season. "

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