Zonguldak-Çaycuma train service starts

Zonguldak-Çaycuma train service starts: AK Party Zonguldak 1'nci deputy candidate Hüseyin Özbakır continued the election work from Çaycuma.

Having made a series of visits in Çaycuma, AK Party Zonguldak 1st-Deputy Candidate Hüseyin Özbakır said that the train services will start on the 15th of October. Member of Parliament Özbakır said: “It is the issue of railways, which is one of our most important issues. 1 month ago, I said let me hand on the issue of railways, it remained in my hand. The renewal system of the rails is made with a European Union grant loan. We said, 'Why is the system not working?' When the work of the European Union is finished, they also carry out the inspection. Signalization supervision between Zonguldak Çaycuma is over. We launch flights on the 15th of the month. Studies continue between Gökçebey and Karabük. When we got to work we had two wagons. One of them hit the cows in the tunnel and the train was repaired within a week. We combined two trains and made quads. The train will arrive in Çaycuma on the 15th of this month. ”

Stating that there is a small problem on the railway line between Çaycuma and Gökçebey, Özbakır said, “There is a small problem between the train rails at a distance of 2,5 kilometers from Karabük-Gökçebey. We referred the situation to Mehmet Ali Şahin Bey. If Mehmet Ali Bey takes care of this place, we hope that the 4 wagons we expect will come in a short time. Let me add our night to the present, what I want from you, let's stabilize the country. Let's overcome the problems of our Zonguldak. Fifty percent I will handle all the issues I deal with, I need Çaycuma for the other fifty percent. We solve all the problems of Zonguldak and we are here to solve it, I want you to support me in this way. we solve the problems together more quickly. ”

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