Yenibosna Metrobus Overpass Alarms

Yenibosna Metrobus Overpass Alarms: Cracks in the metrobus overpass located on the E-5 in Yenibosna disturb the citizens.

Cracks in the metrobus overpass located on E-5 in Yenibosna make the citizens uneasy. Cracks and danger bells are ringing on the bridge on the right and left rails on two sides.

Some citizens connect the cracks to the aging of the bridge, while some of the excessive construction of the construction of the bridges near the bridge adversely affect the ground in the region, and slightly slowed the effect of the overpass, he added.


In the meantime, the cracks on the right and left wings of the upper passage were also seen to have significant cracks in the concrete at the bottom of the section. Officials immediately to bridge the problem of cracking on the bridge, indicating that the citizens, otherwise the loss of life and injury caused by a possible collapse could be much worse, he warned.

On the last Monday, even in the upper passageway, which is a busy stage, it is sometimes impossible to walk.

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