Mersin will be a center of attraction with railway investments

Mersin railway investment will be the center of attraction: TCDD General Director Omer Yildiz, Turkey and the Mediterranean city of Mersin eminent, would be the center of attraction of Rearing up with railroad investments.

Yusuf Hasçiçek, Head of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Research, Deputy Director General for Infrastructure Investments Fatih Turan and General Manager of TCDD Ömer Yıldız made investigations on rail investments initiated in Mersin and continued.

General Manager Yildiz, who made a statement following his investigations, stated that TCDD continued its operations by knotting the country from east to west, north to south by rail lines. told.

Voicing conduct projects that will ensure the development of Turkey the Stars, "Mersin, our high-speed train project to connect a hand inside and our southern provinces of Anatolia will transform the Mediterranean into logistics base Yenice Logistics Center project is in progress with all fast. On the other hand, our electrification, which will provide great energy savings, and signalization studies that will increase our line capability continue in the region.

Starting from Konya, Karaman, Eregli, Ulukisla and Yenice to reach Mersin through the high-speed train project, said the other branch of the high-speed train line from Adana to Gaziantep to go through Adana said.

Konya-Karaman section of the high-speed train line that will be laid from Konya to Mersin is 2. 94 said they had made physical progress in line studies so far.

Li The tender process in Karaman-Ereğli-Ulukışla line continues. Ulukışla-Yenice projects are being prepared. The 67 high-speed train project, which starts from Adana and extends from Yenice to Mersin, is 3. and 4. line construction and construction work continues rapidly. In addition to Mersin, we are planning to offer our high speed train line, which is also very important for Adana and Gaziantep, to the service of Mersin residents in March 2017. Another important study carried out within the scope of the project is the fast train line between Adana and Mersin. All level crossings on this line will be canceled. Lower and overpasses will be constructed and level crossing accidents will become history. Transitions on this line will be provided by the lower and overpasses to be constructed at the required 19 point. Therefore, in this region, level crossing accidents will also be covered in history. Dolayısıyla

- iyor Double-tube tunnel being constructed -

In the high-speed train project that will connect Mersin to the south and east, he said that the tender for the Adana-Incirlik-Osmaniye section will be finalized at the end of the year and that the project works are continuing between Toprakkale and Garden.

Star-Nurdağı known as the Fevzipaşa Variable 10 double-tube tunnel construction will be shortened by the length of the double-tube tunnel, striking the length of the line will be shorter than the 15 Yildiz, the last stage of the project Nurdağı Baspinar (Gaziantep) between the line will be shortened by the 65 mile between the two-line rail reported.

all over the country from Mersin with the high-speed train line in short time which indicates could be reached Stars, "Mersinli industrialists and our producers charge their customers in every region of Turkey will have the opportunity to submit as soon as possible," he said.

- or Conventional lines become electric and signaled -

Yıldız, who gave information about the ongoing signalization and electrification projects in the region, explained that they transformed the existing conventional railway between Kayseri-Niğde-Mersin-Adana and Osmaniye into a signaled and electric transformer.

Electric locomotives will be used on the railway line to be built, stating that the Star, Mersin and Samsun ports will connect each other between Samsun-Çorum-Kırıkkale-Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla will build a new high-speed rail, project preparation work will begin soon, he said.

- acak Mersin will be the logistics base of the Mediterranean -

Emphasizing that the logistics sector is one of the leading sectors in the recent years, Yildiz said that a logistics center was planned to be established at the 19 point near the organized industrial zones by TCDD and that one of them was in Yenice.

7 logistics center planned to be built, the others are in the construction and project phase explaining the Stars, in this context, Mersin Yenice also said they have built a large logistics center.

- or Yenice Logistics Center opens after three months -

Stating that Yenice Logistics Center is of vital importance for the transportation of goods brought from the Mediterranean in other parts of the country, Yıldız said, ığ From here, container, vehicle, machine spare parts, agricultural tools, iron, steel, pipe, foodstuff, cotton, ceramic, chemical , cement, military loads, packaging material will be carried,.

Yildiz will provide annual 896 thousand tons of transportation capacity to the Turkish logistics sector and will provide logistics services to the country in 416 thousand square meters. At the Yenice Logistics Center, 40 will be providing logistics services in a thousand square meters area.

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