Famous Italian Writer Erri De Luca Acquitted in High-Speed ​​Train Case

Erri De Luca
Erri De Luca

Famous Italian writer Erri De Luca, who was on trial for inciting the public to commit crimes, was acquitted. Known for his opposition to the high-speed train line planned to be built between Lyon in France and Turin in Italy, Luca was held responsible for the protests and violence.

Ver The high-speed train line must be sabotaged, edil Luca said in an interview with 2013. Therefore, the shears were used to cut the webs. This is not terrorism. Ades

Luca repeated her views at the last hearing in Turin. The Italian writer, who said he should be resisted against the high-speed train line, argued that it was the legitimate rights of nature and for the protection of the people.

After the announcement of the Lyon-Torino high-speed train project, protests were held in the Susa Valley in the Piemonte region of Italy. The police and the demonstrators came together.

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