TÜRSİD Car Commission Meeting Brought Together Rail System Operators

TÜRSİD Car Commission Meeting Brought Together Rail System Operators: The Meeting of the Vehicle Commission of the All Rail Systems Operators Association (TÜRSİD); 22-23 was held in Konya on October 2015, hosted by Konya Metropolitan Municipality. All Urban Rail System Operators participated in the meeting was very interesting.

Mr. TÜRSİD Car Commission President The opening speech of İzzet ATA; He thanked Mr. Mevlana for the complete participation of all the operators in the meeting. He said that he found the word du Gez Dünyayı, Gör Konya ”as very meaningful and started by expressing his happiness with his history and spirituality. . After the successful operation of the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Facility for many years with the second hand tram vehicles; very end of the first external power supply and energy storage system on without about 4-5 km journey enterprise is equipped with the latest technology that made the overhead contact line at the new tram vehicles with operator organizations as unobtrusively in Turkey important and noted that appreciable.

Sec. ATA; that now the need for public transportation in all our cities, especially in our metropolitan cities, is increasing day by day, it has a direct impact on the quality of life of all city dwellers; state that the public transport operators who believe in the importance of continuous development understanding of the best practices in the country and the world by following the best practices to identify and focus on improving activities, he added.

Now, as in almost all areas in the world, the Rail System is also talking about eri Intelligent Management Models, Systems ın in the areas of vehicle maintenance and repair and that there is a GLOBAL competition in hard competition conditions. ATA; He said that in order to sustain their assets, COST RIGHTS have become inevitable.

TURSID Vehicle platform; It is important for businesses in terms of both adapting to global competition conditions and sharing and benefiting from existing knowledge and experiences. kazanStating that he provided employment, Mr. ATA; He emphasized that it is very important for the urban rail system operators in the country to come together and be aware of each other, to know their shortcomings, to learn about the improvements they have made, the dangers, opportunities, the policies they follow, and to work in cooperation. He finished his speech by talking about the activities of the commission in the last 5 months and the activities of the sub-committees.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General, who attended the meeting as a guest of honor. Ercan USLU in his speech; expressed that they are very happy to host the participants in Konya on these blessed days; He said he wanted peace in the world to be a year in which the flowing blood decreased. Sec. GOOD; TÜRSİD stated that they followed the works with interest and closely and stated that after a while, TÜRSİD believes that it will be the only authority in city rail transportation. TÜRSİD meetings with the public interest is observed, in the classical expression and the right of the orphan's unprotected orphans are preserved very carefully, said the work was done. In other words, these works are filled with a lot of stuff to each enterprise and filled with scraps. He stated that the experience of the rail systems is not easy and easy and he wants a serious time and effort. He said that they have successfully completed the tender with the highest budget for rail systems in Konya. With their consultations, they gave utmost attention to the public sources and stated that they were doing a tender with the words tab Efradını mosque, mania Yap. 28 with the old vehicles, but they made the transportation for years, after this tender they said that the number of 20 renewed and given to Sarajevo. As the existing vehicles of Sarajevo are very old, he explained that the renovated Konya vehicles would be an efficient gift for them. Sec. GOOD; Stating that the public resources should be spent very carefully, the country's knitting with iron networks is accelerating, a guide is needed, and therefore the meetings are very important. He stated that TÜRSİD Car Commission is a commission that works properly and provides useful works. Hz Mevlana said that he believed that the commission works should include other provinces as well. As the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya, they will fulfill their duties with care.

In the meeting which started with the presentations of institutions; Sub-committees informed the participants about their activities.

The Commission will decide to hold its next meeting on the dates of 12-13 May 2016 by Samulaş in Samsun. Konya Metropolitan Municipality has completed the meeting after making technical trips and inspections in the Rail System facilities and vehicles.

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