The last case of Turkey's longest railway tunnel excavation

The last case of Turkey's longest railway tunnel excavation work: Planning expected to be completed by the end of 2017 the project will cost 193 million 253 thousand pounds. 7 foreign, 20 technical personnel and 200 workers are working in the project.

Turkey's longest railway projects planned to be a couple thousand in the 200-meter tunnel was achieved progress.

Garden Osmaniye and Gaziantep will connect the district Nurdağı 10 meters long and 200 thousand were provided with Turkey's longest railway tunnel is projected to be double-thousand 200-meter project in progress.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) by the Adana-Gaziantep-Malatya conventional line on the garden-Nurdağı total 8 meters in diameter for double tube tunnel will be built between county-meter tunnel dug 20 400 thousand.

The contractor's tunnel group coordinator, geological engineer Barış Duman, told AA correspondent that they started to open the tunnel from the exit point of Gökçedere location in Nurdağı district in September last year and said that two 200 meters were achieved in two tunnels.

Emphasizing that it will shorten the existing railway line by 17 kilometers with the completion of the tunnel, Duman said, “We have used the classical excavation method in tunneling works until now. In the next part, we will move on to the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) system, which is the most used in the world simultaneously in the double tunnel. TBM machines arrived, the installation phase continues. The machines will be activated in a short time and the excavation works will accelerate ”.

From regional, geological aspects of Turkey's most challenging sector "

Duman, who pointed out that they have completed the works of bridges, culverts and underpasses, which are called "artistic structures", on the 7-kilometer route in the Nurdağı section of the tunnel, said:

“When the tunnel is completed, it will connect Çukurova and the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Garden with Nurdağı districts geographically and geologically among the most challenging part of Turkey. Railway, highway, highway and oil pipelines pass through the region, residential and industrial facilities are intertwined. The Eastern Anatolian fault zone also passes here. Considering these conditions, we see how difficult the route is, requiring serious engineering and planning. "

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