Taking the tram underground is a must for Kayseri.

Taking the tram underground is an indispensable part of Kayseri: After Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced that the tram will be underground at a rally held in Kayseri recently, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Kocasinan Council member Kazım Yücel said, “The tram is underground "It is the sine qua non of the great Kayseri project."

Last Saturday, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu came to Kayseri to do the meeting, in his speech said the tram will be taken under the ground. Evaluating the issue of MHP Kocasinan Council member Kazim Yucel, çi We, the Prime Minister of Turkey before the visit of the Nationalist Movement Party as a group of television and parliamentary sessions brought this issue in the agenda. 3-4 years ago, Mehmet Özhaseki'e used this expression. The fact that the metron was built on the ground was no longer a technology but a cost-effective business, considering that the production year of the metron was based on 1870 years. Until the 2050 years, the metro will be very luxurious for Kayseri, said there would be a density in Kayseri. Therefore, we have expressed it during our parliamentary membership. We have said that the formation between the Anatamir and the Kumbet has brought the traffic density to the line. Mr. Mustafa Çelik had heard this and even partially answered. When I received this answer as if I thought it was enough, but this week, Mr. Prime Minister of Kayseri in the visit of Mustafa Steel Mayor asked the president and 'let's take the underground underground' at the moment I said 'oh'. So this is one of the sine qua non of Kayseri. 10 years, but not even 10. Kayseri does not remove this density. Taking the underground underground is a must for the big Kayseri project. Tram

Yücel stated that the investment made to the tram until today will be thrown away. Ila 17,8 kilometers tram line was constructed in the first place. The next line was extended to Beyazşehir and the 28 was taken to the kilometer. Then they made a route to Talas. With these patches, if the light rail system coming to 33kilometry is completely removed, 100 million Euros will be removed in the first leg and cost to 150 million Euro in the next leg. In the first stage of the tram, the distance between Anatamir and Kumbet should be taken underground. In this way the traffic intensity of the city will relax. 1 year do you tolerate this? I do not know but 5 year never disappear. Konya has brought this light rail system in 1980. In fact, we brought this technology to Kayseri. Mustafa Çelik The decision of the President to solve this issue is very accurate. 100 million euros will be thrown away in the first place, but the rail system this year will be removed in the coming years, "he said.

Yücel also said, N The transportation from Beyazşehir to the Organized Industrial Zone takes an 1,5 hour by tram. 1,5 loses every minute waiting for each light when it enters the city. There's a 25 junction and light down there. With the cancellation of the subway and the subway, people will be provided with access to the Organized Industrial Zone from Beyazşehir by 40 minutes earlier. All in all, from wherever you look, it is the transportation of the traffic and the time of the passengers traveling by the rail system and if you have big Kayseri project in the future. It was made in 2009, but in 2015, Kayseri was not removed. No matter what party it is, this work needs to be done m.

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