Tokatın First Ski Resort will be in Başçiftlik District

📩 24/11/2018 14:29

Tokat's first ski resort will be in Başçiftlik District: Tokat'ın Başçiftlik district of the first steps were taken to build a ski resort.

Başçiftlik District Governor Mehmet Özcan and Başçiftlik Mayor Murat Tuncel made contacts for the ski resort in Ankara. President Tuncel noted that they made an intense effort to implement the rock plant project, which will add value to the tourism of Tokat. Reminding that they made the first of the ski festival last year, Mayor Tuncel said, “Our efforts are continuing to do the second this year. Our road works continue within the scope of the ski resort project. We are planning to build an administrative service building in the region. We took the promise of a snow crushing machine for the facility to be established in Karacaören Plateau location. We will also buy one piece of snow engine. We want to bring a facility to our city before the festival. This facility will be the first ski resort of Tokat. We hope to expand this facility in the coming years and investors will appreciate it. I would like to thank the Governor, our District Governor, the Provincial Assembly President and the Provincial Assembly members who contributed. ”

Governor Başçiftlik Mehmet Ozcan, Tokat, adding that the value of the ski resort continues to work in the sense of, çalış Tokat ski resort can be the only center of Başçiftlik district can say. In this sense, we invited the authorities from the ski federation to the region and said it was suitable for skiing. We have presented the subject to Mr. Valize, and he gave support. At the moment the infrastructure works have started. Hopefully we will put a plant into operation during this winter season. In this sense, we believe that there will be a beautiful facility in the next few years. In this sense, our work on the acquisition of a ski resort in Tokat continues Bu.