Turkish Airlines, Head of Cargo, Visit to UTIKAD

📩 07/12/2018 17:07

A Visit to UTIKAD from THY Cargo President Türk: Turkish Airlines Cargo President Ali Türk, who visited the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association UTIKAD, met with UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, board members and UTIKAD Airline Working Group President Arif Badur.

Ali Turk, providing information about the activities and objectives they carry out, stating that the future of the Turkish Airlines and cargo passengers in the future is great about the targets, 2015 new cargo terminal put into service and the new fleet added to the cargo fleet with the market share every day, said they increased.

110 stated that they are carrying air cargo to more than 260 in the country and the biggest business partners in the realization of this service pointed out the importance of responding to the needs and expectations of air cargo agents. At this point, Ali Türk stated that the contribution of UTİKAD, the roof civil society organization, is undeniable.

Turkish Cargo has stated that Turkish Cargo is a transformation and development project for Turkish Cargo to provide higher quality service of Turkish Cargo (COMIS). has begun a new era in business processes.

At the beginning of the commissioning phase of the system experienced difficulties, but in a very short period of time, these problems are resolved by quickly settling the system said. In order to complete the transition period as soon as possible, the entire Turkish Cargo team is working 24 hourly. Ali Türk thanked all air cargo agents of UTİKAD for their understanding and support during this transition period.

President of UTIKAD Turgut Erkeskin meeting, the Chairman of the Cargo Turkic as a management of the satisfaction of the UTIKAD management and air cargo transportation to work in order to reach the desired point emphasized.

Turkey, aerospace, a "global transfer center" emphasis on its way to becoming Erkeskin, Turkish of Cargo looking to the future that commissioned the project and Turkish air cargo as well as the transport sector for their contribution to the industry said that the major contribution to the increase of the trade volume, Turkey Ali He thanked Turk.

At the end of the visit, Ali Turk, Turkey's President UTIKAD UTIKAD for their support and the contribution given to the transport sector Erkeskin Turgut gave a plaque of thanks.

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