İZBAN statement from TCDD

TCDD from İZBAN Description: Demiryolları'n of the Republic of Turkey (TCDD), Izmir Commuter System (İZBAN) the line utilization fee payable to TCDD as the right rail use was reported that no payment.

TCDD Press and Public Relations Consultancy made a written statement on the news that İZBAN paid 32,5 million lira to TCDD each year as the right to use the rail.

In the statement that it was stated that “the right of rail usage payment” was never made to TCDD by İZBAN, “Although it is stated in the news that İZBAN paid 32,5 million TL to TCDD every year as a right of rail usage, there is no line usage fee that should be paid to TCDD by İZBAN. not paid ”statements were made.

  • “966 million lira investment was made to İZBAN by TCDD establishment”

In the statement that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality paid 800 million liras for İZBAN and claims that the money spent by TCDD is not even one of the 7th of this number, the following stated:

“322 million dollars (966 million lira) has been invested by our organization for the implementation of the Izmir Suburban System for electrification, signalization, station construction and expropriation. In addition, TCDD increased its capital capital by TL 2006 million between 2015 and 117,5 for the supply of vehicles to be used in İZBAN Suburban Management. ”

In the statement, it is stated that 45 percent of İZBAN's income is paid to TCDD as a line rental, whereas İZBAN's transportation fee tariff is determined by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, and according to the tariff applied, approximately 33 percent of the passengers travel free of charge.

It was noted that this situation caused the loss of income of İZBAN, therefore, the ratio of the line rental fee to the income, which was claimed to be paid to the TCDD organization, was high, and that the line rental fee was never paid to the TCDD organization.

In addition, it has been reported that a total of 14 million liras from İZBAN income as a share of ESHOT has been cut at the source by the municipal company before reaching İZBAN.



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