Idil Guneyi statement 24 hours after TCDD

Idil Guney said 24 hours after TCDD: A statement came from TCDD about TCDD employee İdil Guney, who died in the terrorist attack in Ankara.

CHP Secretary-General Gursel Tekin, who died in the Ankara attack for the TCDD staff Idil Southi, criticized the failure to hold a ceremony in front of the institution.


A statement came from TCDD 24 hours after Tekin's claim was reflected in the press. In the TCDD statement, which was recorded as “recommended” to hold a ceremony in front of the institution for its south, it was said;
“It was suggested that the funerals be held in front of the institution at the meeting held with union officials on Sunday, 11.10.2015, on how to organize the funerals of our organization's staff İdil Güney and Ali Kitapçı. Union officials asked for the farewell ceremony to be held in front of the Branch Presidencies. However, since the bodies were not received from the Forensic Medicine morgue, both ceremonies could not be held. Bilahere Karşıyaka All kinds of convenience were provided for our staff to attend the burial ceremony held at his cemetery, and our managers and many employees attended the funeral of İdil Güney, especially our General Manager ”.

The statement also stressed that "there is no obstruction" to the funeral.

CHP General Secretary Gürsel Tekin, who visited the families of the victims of attack, said that TCDD did not allow their colleagues to make a 'ceremony' in memory of İdil Güney, who said that you did not respect the life of this person who said, “You have no respect for the life of this person.” It showed.

Gürsel Tekin said, “İdil Güney is a TCDD employee. His friends wanted to hold a memorial service. The institution did not allow it. What could be the reason for this? I really can't believe it. "If you did not respect your life, you would respect your death."

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