Carnations at the TCDD Technician's Desk

Carnations on TCDD technician's table: Carnations were left on the table of TCDD technician Fevzi Sert, who died in the explosion.

TCDD maintenance and repair technician Fevzi Sert, who died in the explosion in Ankara, was remembered with carnations left in his room in the train station in Hatay's İskenderun District.

A group of about 500 people, consisting of unions affiliated to KESK and members of various non-governmental organizations, gathered at Iskenderun Train Station, where Fevzi Sert was buried in Adana's Kozan District, and carried a banner with photographs taken from the scene after the explosion. The group then marched towards the station's maintenance and repair section, while the police took extensive security measures around.

The crowd, who came to the section where Fevzi Sert's room was located, left cloves on Sert's table.

Some of the group was in tears, but they expressed condolences to their colleagues at the exit.

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