TCDD, Railway did not collapse, there is partial slump

TCDD, Railway collapsed, partial collapse: TCDD, lan Only the conventional 1. and 2. There was a partial collapse between the roads. Pamukova Station's 3. the way is open and the train traffic continues uninterruptedly yolu

The Republic of Turkey Railways (TCDD), passing under the railway rain water damage due to heavy rains as a result of the discharge culvert Station Pamukova only conventional 1. and 2. It was reported that a partial collapse occurred between the paths.

In a written statement made by TCDD, some websites stated that haber the railway collapsed in Pamukova and the flights stopped T.

. Only the conventional 1 of Pamukova Station is damaged due to heavy rainfall due to heavy rainfall. and 2. There has been a partial collapse between the roads ”, the statement said:

X Pamukova Station's 3. There is no train waiting between Istanbul -Eskişehir-Istanbul and the cancellation of the expedition. Repair of the damaged culvert is carried out by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality teams. H


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