TCDD lodgings will be replaced by giant project

Giant project will be made in place of the former TCDD housing: Gaziantep, TCDD in the area used as lodging, park, educational buildings, museums, youth centers, cultural centers, a multi-purpose facility, such as a conference hall was reported to be implemented.

In Gaziantep, 29 thousand 717 square meters, which are used as TCDD lodgings, were rented by the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep by the initiatives of Fatma Şahin, the landowner of the 29 717 3 units owned by TCDD. With the protocol signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) officials, the necessary approval and approval of the Gaziantep Cultural Heritage was received due to the fact that part of the area transferred to the municipality was under protection. In the first place, the 5 yearbook is planned to be constructed for the purpose of building multi-purpose park and educational buildings, while the area within the boundary of the site and the registered structures will be transformed into a museum, youth center, theater, cultural center, municipal service units, conference hall and multi-purpose facilities.

The project envisages 2 vehicles for every independent section in residential buildings, and 50 m2 open or closed parking facilities for commercial use in every 2 mXNUMX.

It is stated that parking spaces will not be used for any other purpose and parking lot will be required as a common use area. In the applications in the planning area, it has been announced that earthquake, parking, fire and shelter regulations will be complied with. It is stated that necessary arrangements will be made for disabled people in all areas of interior and exterior design and implementation phase.



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