Unbelievable brutality on the train road in Kütahya

Unbelievable brutality on the train track in Kütahya: It has been suggested that 2 unidentified street dogs, 4 of which were puppies in the Kütahya district of Tavsanli, were killed by unidentified people or people, and their heads were destroyed as a result of the passing of the trains. Tavsanli animal lover Necdet Demirat said that they found stray dogs on the rails on the Kütahya-Balikesir railway line, about 5 kilometers from the district center. Stating that the incident occurred in the last two weeks, Necdet Demirat claimed that 3 dogs, 4 of which were puppies, were attached to the tracks by an unidentified person or persons.

Demirat said that freight and passenger trains pass over the dogs that are attached to the rails: “First of all, a large adult stray dog ​​was connected to the railway. The train has passed over this dog. The dog's head was separated from its trunk. Then, we encountered 4 puppies as well. People who do these are perverted people who are not mentally healthy. These people need to be identified and treated. The person who harms animals also hurts people. We will file a criminal complaint with the relevant places in order to find these people and to punish them. ”

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