Today in History: 20 October 1957 Simplon Express collides with motorized train near Edirne

📩 25/11/2018 18:18

Today in History
20 October 1885 According to the news in Ankara Province Newspaper, the people of Ankara requested the railway with the petition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the petition they submitted to the Sultan.
20 October 1921 After the Ankara Agreement with the French, the Ulukışla-Mersin line was opened. The right to operate Pozantı-Nusaybin line was given to the French.
October 20, 1932 The first Mersin train went to Samsun. (Reached from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea) between Turkey and France "protocol on the roads on the Turkey-Syria border" was held.
20 October 1939 Sivas-Çetinkaya-Erzincan-Erzurum line was completed.
20 October 1957 Simplon Express, near Edirne collided with a motorized train. 89 injured people killed 108 passengers.

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