Suspicious Packet Panic in Taksim Metro

Suspicious Package Panic in Taksim Metro: Taksim subway station suspicious package police alarmed. There was nothing out of the bundle that was detonated by the bomb squad.

According to information obtained hours of 23.00 queues in the subway line of Beyoglu Taksim citizens, the package was left on the water automats reported to the police. Police teams from the scene, closed the metro pedestrian exit and entrances. Police teams took security measures by pulling the safety strip at the entrances and exits. Citizens who want to use the subway, were directed to other exits in the square. The bomb disposal expert from the scene detonated the detonator by checking the package. Nothing came out of the exploded package. It was reported that there were no delays in the metro flights.

After the suspicious package was detonated, the entrances and exits of the subway returned to normal.



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