Let's Raise Süleymaniye Ski Center


Let's Raise Süleymaniye Ski Center: Ertürk Yakut, Ski National Team Trainer and Gümüşhane Süleymaniye Skiing, Youth and Sports Club (GÜSKA) President, said that it is not too late to turn the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, which will be held in Erzurum in 2017, into an opportunity in Gümüşhane. told.

After Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, which will host the 2017 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival (EYOF), were replaced by Erzurum, which will host EYOF in 2019, dynamism started in the provinces of the region.

Erzincan and Sivas, especially in the region of the province to get a share of the giant organization is already starting to lobby, one of the active 3 ski center in Gumushane 13 annual silence continues.

Turkey in terms of proximity to the city center will be perhaps the only, history, tourism and skiing can be done in one of the Süleymaniye Ski 13 annual blew ilerlemeyiş is causing demoralisation in everyone who love to ski.

Süleymaniye Ski Center, which has been attached to the development plan of Suleymaniye Neighborhood, which has been a site of SIT for years, could not be stepped on with various reasons, and the skiing national team coach answered the questions of GÜMÜŞKOZA about the organization in Erzurum. Yakut said that the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival, which will be held in 2017 in Erzurum, is not too late to be turned into an opportunity in Gumushane.

Yakut said that 99 is one percent of the competitions to be held in Erzurum. There is a time, bir he said.


Yakut underlined that large slalom and ladies' slalom races can be done in Suleymaniye Ski Center. Yarış Slalom big slalom and Super G races will be held in EYOF European short games. Here we can stick to the big slalom, ladies slalom races according to the approval of Suleymaniye Ski Center. At least one of them can be made here. EYOF is a very serious and big organization. As far as the 80 country is attending. And this organization is an organization in the Olympic setting. National Olympic Committee is running. One of these races is opened here and the opening of Sulaymaniyah with this organization brings a very big response. This is an advertisement that can't be made with money. The whole world learns. Authorities want to be activated as soon as possible here, "he said.


Yakutiye said they knew there was a plan for Suleymaniye, but the region is not too late for the master plan to use 12 months. We do not know whether this plan is forward-looking or not. As far as I know, a two-person facility has been put in place. After the 2-3 season, perhaps this dual facility is worth. At least 4 and 6-6 are required. Or a job in a gondola with 8. And the back of the mountain has to be used. There are longer tracks. Should not be restricted to a valley. The main runway at Suleymaniye Ski Center is equipped with at least 4 and 6 can be met by the chairlift or 8 personality gondola. Otherwise, if it is done with a dual-cable-car, it will come up in the years to come. Because he can not handle the capacity, Çünkü he concluded.

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