Cargo train crashed in Silivri garbage truck 1 injured

Cargo train hit the garbage truck in Silivri 1 injured: freight train in Silivri, hit the municipal garbage truck. Garbage truck driver was injured in the accident.

The freight train between Silivri Beyciler - Çayırdere villages hit the garbage truck of Çatalca Municipality at the level crossing. While there was no chance to die in the accident, the truck driver was slightly injured due to the impact of the collision.

According to information obtained from the freight train in Istanbul carrying the 15 wagon Beyciler-Çayırdere crossing the level between the village of Çatalca trash collection truck hit the truck. Reyhan Sezer, who was in shock from the 200 drifting truck, was rescued by the gendarmerie and the medical staff from the incident and taken to the Silivri State Hospital by ambulance.

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