Siemens-Inspiro Trains to be Taken at the Sofia Metro in Bulgaria

Siemens-Inspiro Trains to be Admitted to Sofia Metro in Bulgaria: A new agreement has been signed for the 3rd line of the Sofia metro, the capital of Bulgaria. Signatures were signed for the purchase of 20 trains with 3 wagons each, produced in partnership with Siemens and Newag companies. After the agreement signed on September 28, the trains are planned to be delivered within 36 months. Also, according to the agreement, there is an option to order 10 more trains.

The trains to be picked up consist of Inspiro train family trains from Siemens. The previously produced Inspiro trains are currently in use in the Warsaw Metro. Trains are produced as pantographed.

Zagign Konieczek, president of Newag, said in his speech that the Polish company will play a bigger role than the role it played in the Warsaw subway.

The cost of understanding was announced as 418,3 million Bulgarian Lev (730 million tl). Newag will receive approximately $ 109,3 of this money. Sofia subway 3. The line is expected to enter service in 2018.

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