Sarıkamış Ski Resort Review

Sarikamis Cibiltepe Ski Resort
Sarikamis Cibiltepe Ski Resort

Expert teams from Australia conducted investigations at the Sarıkamış 13nd Stage upper station, which was damaged by the fire on 2015 September 2. Australian expert Heins Miller and his team, who stayed in Sarıkamış for about a week, completed their investigation, which was followed closely by Mayor Köksal Toksoy.

Sarikaya Cibiltepe intensive efforts exerted for the mayor stating that they raised the Ski Center's Koksal Toksoy winter season, "Ski center not only of our region is among the most important places in Turkey's winter tourism. Tourism investors, hoteliers, restaurants, Sarikamis and citizens in Kars, especially in the long-term winter season provides livelihoods, Turizm he said.

Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center13 2 damaged by fire in September. Toksoy, which gave the good news that the upper station will be grown in winter season with the repair to be made, will be used as a result of fire and the ski center 2. He said that the studies were going on in a fast way for the construction of the Etap top station.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Youth Sports, Kars Governorate, Sarıkamış Governorate and Mayor Köksal Toksoy stated that they have been working intensively to raise the season to the season. Am Domestic and foreign tourists coming to Sarıkamış provide economic income and provide dynamism. In this sense, our facility must be raised to the season. Finally, the Ministry of Tourism for the construction of facilities 2 million TL. learned that it was transferred. In addition, in order to carry out the final inspections in the damaged part of the plant, to make measurements of the top station and to report to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and its authorized company Dopellmayr, the neutral expert Heins Miller from Austria came to Sarıkamış and completed the necessary works. I hope to start the installation work in a short time, "he said.

On the other hand, one of the Eastern Anatolia Region and Turkey's major ski resorts, renowned for its crystal wife and pine trees Cibiltepe Sarikamish for people to gain Ski re tourism was also mobilized. Sarıkamış Governor Yusuf İzzet Karaman and Mayor Köksal Toksoy are also closely following the ski resorts.

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