SAMULAŞ trams 5. celebrates the year giving passengers chocolate and cloves

SAMULAŞ celebrated the 5th year of trams by giving chocolate and cloves to the passengers: The 5th anniversary of the Samsun Transportation Inc. (SAMULAŞ) Light Rail System of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality was celebrated with a ceremony. Chocolate and cloves were distributed to the passengers who took the tram in memory of the fifth year.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the stop in Cumhuriyet Square, Turan Çakır, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that the citizens have been using the trams for 5 years for comfortable and comfortable transportation and have been using them with great pleasure. Noting that the tram will be extended by another 14 kilometers towards the east of the city and the project is prepared to extend to the west of the city, Çakır stated that the tram line will reach 30 kilometers with the completion of Tekkeköy and Taflan routes.

Stating that SAMULAŞ started transportation with 2010 trams in the first place in 16, the Deputy Chairman said, “Another 2013 trams joined the fleet in 5. Our total 21 trams carried 5 million 78 thousand 761 citizens in 925 years. SAMULAŞ vehicles have covered 9 million 165 thousand 519 kilometers since the city started public transportation. If we had to do this transportation by buses, we would have to spend 3 million 666 thousand 167 liters of diesel, and we would have to release 4 million 582 thousand 709 grams of carbon monoxide to the environment. ” said.

Çakır, who gave different examples to explain the trams he has made so far, said, “Trams have made 575 thousand 415 flights as of today. What does this mean, we have been around the world about 229 times and we have gone to the moon 12 times. With the introduction of light rail system transportation, which is a safe and sustainable urban transportation system, the citizens' interest in the system has increased day by day. This year we carried 69 thousand 700 passengers a day and broke our own record. ” he spoke.

Deputy Mayor Turan Cakir, after the press release waiting at the bus stop in the direction of Atakum and went to the trunk of the tram was used for a while.



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