Samsun's Choice Was Domestic Tram

Samsun's Choice Was Domestic Tram: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, agreed within the scope of Gar-Tekkeköy Light Rail System Line Project Durmazlar Machinery Inc. and the protocol signed for the purchase of 8 trains.

Samulaş (Samsun Light Rail System) A.Ş. within Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. The most appropriate bid as a result of the tender held by Bursa firm Durmazlar Machinery Inc. The tender agreement was signed with. Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Durmazlar Machinery Inc. Member of the Board Sinan Durmaz, Durmazlar Machinery Inc. General Manager Ahmet Civan, Durmazlar Machinery Inc. Deputy General Manager Sabahattin Ara, Durmazlar Machinery Inc. Sales-Tender Manager Sunay Şentürk and RAYDER (Rail Transport Systems and Industrialists Association) President Mehmet Taha Aydın have signed a purchase contract for 8 light rail system vehicles at the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Presidency. The 8 light rail system vehicles that will start the manufacturing process will be 31,84 meters long, 2,65 meters wide, 3,30 meters high, and will have a carrying capacity of 290 people. 41 light rail system vehicles with an empty weight of 337 tons and 8 kilograms have 2 motorized and 1 trailer bogie. Each tram will have 6 LCD screens, ducted type ventilation and LED lighting to inform passengers during their travels.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “The tram line from the city center to the university has now become a line that needs to be extended. City people got used to light rail transportation. There was a request from our citizens to extend this line to Tekkeköy. Therefore, we started work and we are building a 14-kilometer line up to Tekkeköy. When this is completed, our line length reaches 31 kilometers in total. It is difficult for us to operate a 31-kilometer line with 21 trains. Therefore, we had to buy additional trains. We had various meetings to buy additional trains. In this direction, producing in Bursa and not lagging behind foreign companies in terms of quality Durmazlar We met with the company. We did not want our money to go abroad. We conveyed this idea to them as well. Thus, we are signing the protocol here for the purchase of 8 trains today. We agreed for 1 million 1 thousand euros for 539 of these trains. This amounts to around 12 million for all of them. It is our duty to the country managers to support these industrial productions manufactured in our country. We, as Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, made this effort. They also made an effort and met in the middle for a purpose. I am also pleased to be conducted in Turkey's manufacturing as a mechanical engineer, "he said.

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