Railway System from Exporters to Politicians

Railway System from Exporters to Politicians: The fact that the projects that will make the region a foreign trade center for the development of exports, which is the main input of the economy of the Eastern Black Sea Region, is not owned by the political sectors, is the reaction of exporters.

Making a statement on the subject, President of Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB) Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan said, “Today, world trade is concentrated in the Asian Region. In the future, with the activation of rich underground resources in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Asia Region, world trade will be concentrated in these regions. Our Eastern Black Sea Region, which is the bridge between Asia-Europe and the Black Sea-Mediterranean and at the intersection of three continents, is a distribution and transfer and supply center for Europe, Balkans, Black Sea, Caucasus, Caspian, Central Asia, Middle East and North African countries. He emphasized the importance of the region.

of these potentials to the regional economy. kazanStating that they have developed many projects for the purpose of improving the economy and shared them with the public and presented to the authorities, Gürdoğan said, “The Hopa-Batumi railway connection, which I call the New Silk Road, which will bring our country and the Eastern Black Sea Region to the Asian geography and the People's Republic of China with a 30 km railway and a very low-cost investment; Developing the gate in accordance with the image of our country in order to eliminate the inadequacy of infrastructure at our Sarp Border Gate, which causes our exporters, whose application is not seen even in any underdeveloped country, to wait in queues for hours; Opening the Muratlı Border Gate to Georgia as soon as possible to reduce the density at the Sarp Gate and to be used only for exits for export cargo; The establishment of a Logistics Center in the Region for international trade, which will increase the attractiveness of our region in terms of foreign trade. kazansqueaking; In addition to the Kazbegi Lars Gate route, which will enable us to pass by road to the Russian Federation and its hinterland Turkic Republics and Asian countries through Georgia, other alternative (South Ossetia Gate, a new gate by Chechnya, a new gate by Dagestan) export routes, vital projects such as the creation of our regional exports. It was developed in order to reach the targets for 2023. However, the fact that these projects are not embraced by the politicians in this period when we are on the surface of the elections and they are not even brought to the agenda is the subject of complaints and criticism from our exporters. The Batumi-Kazakhstan / Almaty Railway Line, which was established on the route called New Silk Road, put into service by Georgia, which is right next to us, must be extended to Turkey. The fact that this railway line, which we believe will make a significant contribution as an alternative route to our foreign trade towards the Central Asian Region, will extend from Batumi to Kazakhstan and even to China is of particular importance. This importance is a confirmation of how right we are in our idea of ​​connecting the Eastern Black Sea Region, which we have been leading the opinion for years, insistently emphasized, and expressed on all sides, within the framework of the importance we attach to the creation of alternative and new routes in our exports, via the Hopa-Batumi railway connection via Georgia. We have brought these issues to the public agenda countless times. We presented the situation to the regional politicians. For years, we talked about the logistics center, new railway transportation routes, the need for expansion work to reduce the density of the Sarp Gate, the completion of Muratlı Gate, the opening of alternative export routes, the integration of the region's railway with the Hopa-Batumi connection and the İpekyolu railway line. The Trabzon Logistics Zone project, where widely agreed upon agreements were signed, its feasibility was approved, and an investment decision was made, was removed from the agenda and forgotten. For years, we kept beating water about the implementation of the railway project. Lots of words, lots of approval, lots of support, no action. These investments are vital, necessary and essential for the future of the regional economy. Investment projects should not be left in files and dusty folders. Regional politicians should embrace the exporter's projects and move them forward. Because the regional economy is going through a deep recession, even giving SOS. Execution is urgently needed," he said.

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