The Allegation that TCDD Damaged 20 Thousand Lira at the Level Crossing Closed by the Protesters

The Claim that TCDD Damaged 20 Thousand Turkish Lira at the Level Crossing Closed by the Activists: In Eskişehir, it was claimed that TCDD damaged 20 thousand Turkish Liras due to the level crossing.

In Eskişehir, Hatay, 22 of 4 defendants were tried with a prison sentence of up to 8 years by sitting at the level crossing for 110 hours to protest the death of 92-year-old Ahmet Atakan and the passage of vehicles.

The crowd gathered on September 10, 2013 in front of Espark Shopping Center in Eskişehir University Street in Eskibağlar Mahallesi and shouted slogans for Ahmet Atakan who lost his life in the protest in Hatay. He made a sit-in action at the level crossing where the crowded University Street and Cengiz Topel Street intersect. The protesters blocked the passage of trains and vehicles for about 4 hours. The lawsuit against the crimes of “opposition to the meeting and demonstration number 6” and the “prevention of transportation vehicles” of TCK article 110/3 in the 2911rd Criminal Court of First Instance, including CHP Eskişehir 223th parliamentary candidate Erdal Caferoğlu, among those who took part in the action. opened. The trial of the defendants, who wanted prison terms from 2 to 3 years, continued today.

22 people attended the trial without arrest. Defendants said in their defense: “We did not close the train route. We also gave way to the ambulance going through the scene. High Speed ​​Train services were already over at the time of the action. We are not guilty and we want our acquittal. ”

Court Judge Ali Bağbozan, TCDD lawyer of the petition of the applicant due to the actions of the train service was interrupted due to the action, closing the train to the traffic as a result of the institution's 20 thousand pounds lost by the claim that the claim to participate in the case said. The judge sent the petition sent at the hearing.

Zehra Oncu, one of the accused lawyers, requested that TCDD's request to participate in the case not be accepted. Öncü said, “The train services in question have previously been interrupted for different reasons. Many times passengers had to be taken out of the city and passengers had to move. There is no situation requiring compensation, ”he said. The defendant's lawyer Bestegül Kabul stated that they did not accept TCDD's request to participate in the case and said:

“People who exercise their democratic right have gathered there, stayed there for hours, have not been subjected to any intervention. The fact that the police are silent by taking images from afar does not interfere with the incident, which is considered as a crime, is a kind of ambush. As a preventive force, if there is a crime and it is still continuing, it should have somehow prevented it. This has not been done. If TCDD is damaged, it is not legal to demand the damage from those who exercise their democratic right. It must be requested from Eskişehir Police. We do not accept TCDD's request to participate in the case. ”

The court judge postponed the hearing until 18 December 18 for the hearing of 2015 defendants, whose statements were not taken, stating that TCDD's request to join the case will be decided at the next hearing.




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