Pekşen Trabzona Moves for the Establishment of Light Rail and Metro

Peksen Trabzona Light Rail System and Metro Acted for the Establishment: CHP Trabzon deputy Haluk Peksen, Kahramanmaras on the street waiting at the stop in the rain, waiting for the status of the rest of the inhabitants of Trabzon is not the owner of the 1 to the Parliament after November Light rail system for Trabzon and Metro Law said he would bid.

Pekşen went to the citizens waiting in the rain at the dolmuş stops by getting out of the vehicle he was in when he was cruising in Kahramanmaraş Street, in Such a table is not suitable for the world city Trabzon. You find it difficult to find a car in places where you are waiting in the rain. People close on these stops. Trabzon people who deserve this table will not leave the collar, '' he said.

Pekşen, stating that Trabzon City was not owned, said, “I will be the voice of this city in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. I am a master of the city's problems. Those who run this city are busy hanging flags and signs. Don't be quiet, this is a big city in the world. This city is not so unclaimed. When I go to Parliament on November 1, I will submit the Metro Law proposal. I will not take the one who will say no to him in this city. I cannot accept the shabby and primitive image of Trabzon ”.

Pekşen, who also criticized the construction of a light rail system and subway tunnel to Zigana for Trabzon city traffic, said, “The Zigana Tunnel was tendered very recently. Nobody can explain why Zigana Tunnel is needed with a logical explanation. However, Trabzon city transportation has now turned into an inconvenient traffic chase. With the half of the budget allocated for the Zigana Tunnel, Trabzon's metro needs can be fully met, even the metro and light rail system. Especially, there is no light rail transportation system between Yomra and Akçaabat that should be built as soon as possible. However, Zigana Tunnel is being tendered while standing still. While Zigana Tunnel has no urgency and necessity, while Trabzon city traffic is such a big urgency, why is Trabzon Zigana Tunnel not a solution for city traffic? Trabzon traffic problem, especially between Akçaabat and Yomra needs to be solved urgently. ”



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