Helicopter and Cable Car to the Highlands in Ordu

Army Helicopters and Cable Cars to the Plateau: Army Governor Irfan Balkanlıoğlu, said they attach great importance to transportation to stimulate tourism in the highlands, said:

Governor Balkanlıoğlu, with the mobilization of the tourism sector in accommodation facilities and hotels, stating that the occupancy rate is rising, famous hotel brands in Ordu to work to do a hotel, he said. Hotels in the summer no place found in the Governor Balkanlıoğlu, famous hotel brands of the Sheraton Hotel, the European responsible for the feasibility study of the army came to the attention of the European drew attention.

Incoming domestic and more plateaus wonder that expresses Balkanlıoğlu foreign tourists, "Çambaşı and Thursday are the largest and most beautiful highland plateau of Turkey. Transportation from the airport by helicopter is considered. There's a ropeway. We need to reach Çambaşı in the fastest and most reliable way. We try to make the people of Ordu earn more money, prevent immigration, people laugh. In doing so, we pay attention to nature by applying unique, suitable projects without destroying the environment. No worries of our citizens. We visited the ski resort in Çambaşı Plateau together with our Mayor and I like it very much. I believe it would be Turkey's Uludag. Tourism facilities can be done here, Bur he said.

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