2 Million TL Grant to Murat Mountain Thermal Ski Resort

📩 24/11/2018 14:28

2 Million TL Appropriation to Murat Dagi Thermal Ski Resort: AK Party Kutahya Deputy Sukru Nazli, Murat Mountain Thermal Ski Center 2 million TL appropriation was transferred.

Nazli, said in a statement, said that the allowance will be used in the construction of the road to Murat Mountain.

Deputy Governor Şükrü Nazlı who stated that they will make the Murat Dağı Thermal Ski Center in the world known in Gediz district, dün As it is known, Kütahya has many valuable underground and surface riches. These sources could not be uncovered in time and economic inputs could not be provided to Kütahya. For the last 13 years, important investments have been made in Kütahya in the areas of transportation, energy and infrastructure, and our city has become a province which is ready to show itself especially in the field of tourism. One of the most important natural beauties of Kütahya is the Murat Dağı region. In fact, the 2 thousand 100 meters high mountain, not found in the world. This is a region with both skiing and thermal facilities. It is a region with rich water resources at the same time. Turkey Murat Mountain and Gediz Mayor had also strive to open to the world. In this context, as a result of the discussions we had with the General Manager of Iller Bank, the project was allocated 2 million TL in the first place. First of all, we will make the roads of Murat Mountain. 300 meters of existing facilities located here at the upper elevation of the 800 at an altitude of 10 km, our municipality has a ski resort with its own facilities. We have also allocated the money needed to make the roads to this place. Murat Dağı is the most important center in the Aegean region. There are ski centers in different regions in Turkey. However, we have both cold water and thermal water at Murat Mountain. This feature has given to our region will be Turkey's most important ski tourism. Kütahya tiles, porcelain, ceramics and hot springs, while also known for our Murat Dağı Thermal Ski Center. We also have work on accommodation facilities here. In the name of Kütahya tourism this is a great gain. I congratulate everyone who contributed to the project. I would like to thank the General Manager of Iller Bank for their financial resources ne.