Flood at the Metrobus stop

Flood at the Metrobus stop: Citizens trying to go to their workplaces on the first day of the week and students who want to go to their schools have encountered a bad surprise. Passengers attempting to ride the metrobus formed long queues until the overpass.

On the first working day of the week there was traffic density on the E-5 Highway, while bus stops at the metrobus stops. Early in the morning to go to work to ride the metrobüse citizens wanted to stop at the stops. Yenibosna Metrobus stop citizens who want to ride the metrobus, overpass and ladder meters formed meters. Citizens wanting to ride the metrobus minutes, while due to the intensity of the citizens coming down from the metrobus had difficulty to leave the station.


The proliferation of peddlers at the Yenibosna Kuleli metrobus stop caused the metrobus departure bridge to be blocked. The officers who did not interfere with the situation while the citizens rebelled, stated that the responsibility belongs to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


The inability of the district municipalities to intervene in the situation due to the Metropolitan's control of the bridge increases the density of peddlers here. After the reactions increased, the peddlers on the bridge were intervened by the officers.

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